Ben's bizarre tantrums...

Last night, when Shawn and Ben picked me up from work, they brought the library books with them that needed to go back.  We figured we'd just put them in the drop off box.  Ben did fine as we drove through the parking lot, but when Shawn got out at the box to return the books, Ben flipped his lid.  It took us a little while to figure out exactly what he was so upset about but apparently he wanted to go the library and of course it had just closed.  We were supposed to go this week but didn't because of the weather and car situation.  We are borrowing Shawn's brother's Blazer, the gas guzzling beast, and I refuse to try to drive it.  I know that may sound silly but I drive a little tiny Pontiac Sunfire and have never driven anything as big as that Blazer and I'm scared of killing someone.  I can hardly climb into it as I get larger anyway.  And then you add the snow and ice to it and I just really didn't think Ben needed to go to the library that bad.  We just bought a book this last weekend anyway that has 18 Disney Christmas stories anyway and with reading 1-2 of those a day, I didn't think picking out new books was a top priority for him.  I guess I was wrong.  Ben screamed and cried the whole way home from the library.  Finally Shawn and I got him calmed down by telling him we'd all go as a family on Saturday.  Does anyone else go through these similar situations where the tantrum seems it's over something silly?  How do you deal with it or reach a compromise?


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