A big post Christmas blog.

This is probably going to be a fairly long entry with tons of pictures, so bear with me please.

Last Wednesday (Christmas Eve's Eve) Ben and I made Ben's gift to his Grandparents.  We were going to buy cheap frames and let him paint them and put a picture of himself in there, but instead we decided to just make the frames all together because then he could really go crazy.  He had such a good time.  We even put his hand print on there since he loves to do them.  Here's some pictures of him making his frames and then the finished product.

Wednesday night, we made sugar cookies as a family.  They were the last cookies I had on my list to make.  Shawn turned out to be a cookie making and decorating fool.  It was quite funny.  Here's how they turned out.

Thursday, I had to work.  I went in long enough to get my work done because we had to pack and race out of town to Kansas City before the weather got too bad.  On my way home from work, I noticed the roads were already getting slick.

This is the snow blowing under the door in Shawn's parent's basement:

Christmas was a really fun day.  Ben had a blast and really got spoiled with presents.  Shawn and I were talking and wondering how Christmas was any fun for us before Ben.  Just watching his face light up made all the stress worth it, and I know he could have cared less about getting the gifts, but still, it was worth it.  When he woke up he saw the Santa gift and he just kept saying "Ho ho ho" and pointing at it from the other room.

Here's Ben trying out his gift from Santa:

Daddy was trying to show him how to peddle.

He got this awesome wagon from Shawn's parents and he sat inside it to open all of his presents.

All the boys on Christmas while opening presents.

On Christmas evening, we braved the snow and went to see Avatar 3D.  It was really good.  Most of us had never gone to a 3D movie before and Ben had never been to a movie at all before.  He ended up sleeping through most of the movie, which probably was a good thing.  Parts of it were a little intense and some of the creatures were quite scary.  It was such a good movie though and I would highly recommend it!  It was long, but never during the movie did I think "How much longer?"or feel uncomfortable in my seat or have to pee.  Being 29 weeks pregnant and drinking a whole large pop during the movie makes it a big deal.

We had so much snow that Shawn and his brother got the 4 wheel drive blazer stuck in a tall snow drift.  The picture isn't great because of the screen, but it was quite funny watching them try to get it out.

We finally came home on Saturday night with help from Shawn's mom and a friend.  After unpacking all of the presents, we sat down and watched My Sister's Keeper.  Wow, what a tear jerker!  I knew it would be sad, but had no idea exactly how sad it would be.

 Yesterday, we took down all the Christmas decorations.  Normally, I like to keep the tree up and what not until New Year's day or maybe even a little later, but this year we had to take all of it down to make room for Ben's new toys.  We've been enjoying the new toys today.  Ben has been coloring on his new crayola color me a song all morning.  He is so funny and I expect a bunch of new art for our fridge.

Ben got a tent and fort with 2 tubes from Shawn's parents.  I couldn't wait to set it up because he loves to build forts and things like that.  It is so big that all we have room for is the tent and one tube.  Even that is taking up a huge portion of our living room.  Ben loves it though.

I guess it's going to get fairly warm today to melt some snow before we get another cold front this afternoon.  By warm I mean about 30 degrees.  I haven't really taken pictures of the snow outside, but there is so much of it and it's so cold, I'm not really in any rush to go out in it.  These pictures are from my back door.

Today is Shawn's birthday.  I'm hoping he gets home nice and early so I can go into work early myself.  We are supposed to go to Kansas City for dinner.  Thankfully the streets are alright now.  I'm looking forward to yummy Mexican food and a little extra time with my husband.  Because of our work schedules, during the week we don't get a lot of time together as a family, so time like this is special to me and hopefully to him also.


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