A Benny Reindeer

I've seen this craft done so many times in so many different places.  It includes Ben's hand prints and foot print that he loves to do so much.

What you'll need:
construction paper

(Most of what I used for this craft was scraps.  I'm not a waster and like to get as much use from each piece as possible.)

1.  Trace your little one's hands and one foot.

2.  Cut out the hands, foot, circles for the eyes, and a circle for the nose.

3.  While I was cutting the pieces out, I had Ben coloring a picture of a reindeer and we sang Rudolph.

4.  Glue the hand prints to the back of the foot print.

5.  Glue the eyes on the reindeer.

6.  Glue the nose on to your reindeer.

And you're done.

Here's an update of our Christmas art gallery:

Ben is so proud of his gallery.  He shows everybody when they come into the house.


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