A cow kind of day

Ben loves cows.  They may be his favorite thing in the world.  Since I couldn't think of anything really to do today, we decided to make today Cow Day.

We did a cow craft where the cow jumped over the moon.  I took pictures of most of the steps but my camera's battery was about dead so instead I used my phone camera.  While my phone camera is pretty good, a lot of the pictures came out blurry.  All I can say really is that this craft took a lot of prep time because it was just cutting out pieces for him to glue together.  I am by no means an artist or even anywhere near it, but you can tell it's a cow.  I spent the whole morning drawing and cutting out the pieces to his cow so he could glue them together.  While I did this, Ben played with his blocks on the floor.

Here's the pictures of the craft I do have:

Ben gluing the spots on the cows body before attaching the head.

Gluing the eye on the moon.

Holding up the finished product.

The finished picture on the fridge.  I think he did pretty good.  I did help a lot because there were so many pieces but he really did a great job with following instructions.

After the craft, we read two books.  Both of which were very cute!
The first one is Farm Life by Elizabeth Spurr and illustrated by Steve Bjorkman.

It was a very educational book about life on a farm.  Ben really enjoyed the whole farm story and learning that cows aren't the only part of a farm.

The second book was Two Cool Cows by Toby Speed and illustrated by Barry Root.

It was a very cute story about "two cool too cool cows" that jump to the moon after borrowing these kid's boots.  There seems to be a party on the moon with bunches and bunches of cows there.  After the party is over the cows go home and dance and play with the kids after giving the boots back.

When we started reading the books, Ben was laying on the couch with me and his stuffed cow that he got for Christmas.

By the end of it, he was dancing like the cows and having a good time.


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