New dryers and the beginning of Christmas cookies

This has been a wild weekend.  Yesterday morning, Shawn went to get a new fuse for our broken dryer only to find that the fuse was fine and it was the heating element on the dryer.  With that needing replaced and the timer needing replaced, it was going to cost about the same as buying another used dryer.  After consulting Shawn's parents and Terry (the family friend) we decided it would be better to either have the parts replaced or buy a cheap yet new dryer.  Later that evening, we were getting ready to leave to a friend's house for their Christmas get together called "The Lazy Day of Christmas" and we got a phone call from Terry.  He was in our drive way with a new dryer.  He helped get it in the house, hooked up and ready to go, and said "Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday."  I managed to wait until he left before the tears started.  It was just so sweet and touching.  It wasn't that he bought us the dryer, but it was the thoughtfulness behind it.  Today, we have been playing catch up on the laundry.  It's amazing, the difference a wonderfully working dryer makes.

Here's Ben playing Santa Claus.  While he doesn't look thrilled, I promise he is.

We did some more Christmas shopping yesterday also.  Sadly, we are not done yet but that will hopefully be something Ben and I can knock out tomorrow and maybe Tuesday.

Tonight, we started our Christmas goodies.  We made No Bake cookies and fudge.  I was a little worried about Ben and the No Bake cookies.  He just doesn't like oatmeal and can be very finicky when it comes to food and especially treats.  My worries quickly disappeared when he was pulling chairs up to the stove to help and then couldn't wait to lick the spoon and bowl.

When I made the fudge, I let him lick the spatula and spoon.  He was in hog heaven.

Ben has been eating cookies all evening.  Now it's time for dinner and I bet he will hardly touch his spaghetti.  Oh well, I wish he would eat real food too, but it is the holidays so I'll let it slide for now.


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