Good days vs not so good days

Sunday was a great day, but to balance that out for us, we had to have a not so great one yesterday.  Well, we got the tree lean fixed and it looks great.

Ben and I did another fun craft that included two of his favorite things as of late, his hand prints and a tree.  He was so proud of it that he just wanted to show it off.  Even after we put it on the fridge, he was directing us back to the fridge to look at his "tee."

Here's the side of our fridge with the Christmas crafts we've done so far.  Along with keeping you updated on the crafts we do, I'll keep you updated on our fridge (our art gallery).

We have been having problems with the transmission slipping on our car.  Being a standard, this means it's our clutch.  We were hoping that we could get through Christmas and then fix it, but last night, we decided that is definitely no possible.  The disturbing part of this is that we had the same thing fixed, actually the whole clutch replaced a year and a half ago.  Does it seem to anyone else that things like this always happen at the worst times?  I mean of course there is no great time for car trouble, but right before Christmas?  Come on!

Shawn took the car to his parent's last night so that when the weather gets warmer and the roads clear up, they can take it in to find out what exactly is wrong and hopefully it won't be expensive so we can get it fixed.  Since Shawn left as soon as I got home from work last night, that left dinner undone, so Ben and I ordered pizza.  We like Pizza Shuttle at our house because it's fast, easy, cheap, and really good.  We  get 2 10 inch (6 slices) one topping pizzas and our 2 soft drinks for under $15 and it's one of our favorite pizzas in general.  Sorry for the plug.  It was important to mention how yummy and affordable they are.  Anyway, Ben ate 4 out of 6 pieces of his pizza.  Me, being pregnant, only ate 3 pieces and we both drank all of our pops.  After dinner, Ben was wound.  He, much like his father, will do anything to get a laugh out of you most of the time.  This is what he was doing last night.  Here's an example of what he was doing:

Well, after he ran around and played a little bit, we got him cleaned up and ready for bed.  He threw himself down on our bed (after his concussion this makes me super nervous) and apparently after eating so much and drinking so much pop, this upset his stomach, causing him to throw up.  We cleaned up the bed, but it left the bedding in the washer and the bed itself wet.  After cleaning up Ben, who has a terrible fear of showers, we moved down as a family to sleep on the couch.  This meant none of us slept well.

Yesterday wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either.  Not like Sunday, but I guess I'll take any good that I can get and not be too greedy about it.

It's snowing outside today.  I'm enjoying it right now, but when it's time for me to go out in it tonight to go to work, I'll hate it!  If it keeps up and keeps looking so beautiful, I'll be taking Ben outside, which I'm sure will generate some fun pictures.


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