We've got the crud...

Sorry about the lack of updating this week.  Ben and I are a little under the weather here.  I promise it's no flu just a terrible cold.  I've been meaning to post a couple of things here for the past few days though.  One is a craft so it will be posted later in it's own post.

Saturday, the weather was so beautiful, so we took Ben to the park.  Ben doesn't usually get to go to parks with toys and jungle gyms.  Most of the time, we go to the one down the street from our house that is just a gigantic field for him to run through with the dog.  We've decided when the weather is nice, we need to take him to the parks with toys and whatnot more often.  He started out scared.  He didn't like the tall jungle gym with the slides because he could see through it.  He wasn't scared at all of the slides, it was only getting there that was a problem.  He did get more brave as time went on though.  Before long he was swinging, going down the slides over and over again, and playing on the dinosaur.  He loves dinosaurs, as I'm sure most little boys do.  We had such a good time. 

Here are some pictures from our park trip:


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